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Gumma Recommended hotels list

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Ryokan Tanigawa Minakami Onsen
Ryokan Tanigawa is built in a tranquil area closed to the Norn Ski resort. From these comfortably appointed rooms, you can enjoy the view of the nationally renowned Tanigawa Mountains and its changing four seasons anytime you stay. During spring, it fills up with pink cherry blossoms, and you can enjoy the young green leaves and the cool breeze in summer. During autumn, it changes the whole colour to stunning red and to pure white in winter. You can relax in the quiet and the home away from home feeling of any of 35 guest rooms.

Keizanso Gumma
"Keizanso is quietly located in Kawaba village with population of 4,000, which is ""the closest country town from Tokyo"". Indulge yourself in the total tranquillity during your comfortable stay. There are total of 13 guest rooms, and some have private bathrooms. Special building is set for those who wish to stay with their small friends, dogs, in the same room. *conditions apply

Onsite restaurant offers various and delicious dishes using carefully selected ingredients, as well as wide range of drink menu.

The rice harvested in Kawaba village is famous as an article of presentation to the emperor. It is only 20 minutes drive to the Kawaba ski resort, which is also famous for power snow, from the Keizanso."

Shisuitei Yamaguchi Gumma
Shisuitei Yamaguchi is located at the top of the hill in Oigami-onsen (hot spring) area. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and water streams, the hotel carries the new concept of modern Japan with a touch of traditional Japanese style. Experience the dramatic stay at Yamaguchi while enjoying relaxing at our featuring open-air-bath, big common bath, and dead sea spa, named a few. Fukiwari-no-Taki, the water fall called “Niagara in the orient”, is only 10minutes drive from the property. And it is about one hour bus ride to the famous tourist spot, Oze wetlands.

Senkyo Gumma
Senkyo is a traditional ryokan style hotel located in the village of Oigami onsen spa, Gunma. Oigami onsen is famous for the legendary gods which live in the area. This high quality ryokan hotel is surrounded by magnificent mountains and offers a total of 200 guest rooms, all of which have private bathrooms and toilets. The comfortable interior and warm atmosphere harmonize with the local nature. Subtle aroma of Japanese incense welcomes you and wishes you a relaxing stay. It is only ten minutes drive to the Fukiwarino-taki waterfall, which is also known as the Eastern Niagara. It takes about one hours bus ride to the famous tourist spot, Oze wetlands.

Higaki Hotel Minakami Onsen
Higaki Hotel with the total of 82 guest rooms proudly boasts open air baths which face the fantastic Tone-river. Every room has private bath and toilet. During winter between late December and early March, especially, you will enjoy the beautiful snow falling from the sky while you indulge yourself in the hot bath. You can also enjoy various activities around the region throughout the year, such as rafting on the Tone-river and hiking in the Tanigawa Mountains from spring till autumn, and skiing at the Norn Ski resort during winter.

Okutonekan Minakami Onsen
"Okutonekan is located facing the famous Tone-river spot “Koyo-kyou (fall foliage valley)”. The hotel offers a total of 84 guest rooms, all of which have private bathrooms and toilets. It is a perfect gateway whilst you indulge yourself in the open air spa surrounded by beautiful natural scenery which changes its appearances according to the seasons, listening to the chattering stream and sipping sake floating on the tray in the spa.
Nearby is one of the greatest classic mountains, “Tanigawa-mountain,” a craft centre where you can experience traditional Japanese craft work, “Takumino-sato,” numerous well known onsen-spa villages and Norn Minakami ski area which even beginners can enjoy. It is the ideal place for people to enjoy throughout the year."

Alpine Lodge Minakami Gumma
Your relaxing home away from home in the Japanese mountains. Based in a famous Japanese hot spring resort town, Alpine Lodge is the ideal base to recover after adreneline fuelled summer and winter adventures. When there is snow, activites include skiing and snowboarding, backcountry tours, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and caving. During the warmer months this area is famous for rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, caving and paragliding.