पेश हैं ऐसे होटल जिन्हें आखिरी मिनट में बुक किया जा सकता है। हमने उच्च गुणवत्ता वाली सेवा और बड़ी छूट दर हासिल की है।

Montluconअनुशंसित होटलों की सूची

दुनिया की अग्रणी होटल आरक्षण साइटों की कीमतों की एक ही बार में तुलना करना!


दुनिया भर में 1.31 मिलियन आवासों की योजनाओं की तुलना करना। आरक्षण बहुत आसान है

Mona Lisa Hotel-Restaurant Neris-le-Bains
The architecture of the Mona Lisa hotel reflects all the comfort and pleasant atmosphere of spa cities.
Located just opposite the Casino, the hotel is steps away from the termal baths.
The Art Deco rooms are spacious and quiet. Many overllok the Casino grounds.

Comfort Inn Primevere Hotel Montlucon
Montlucon is in the center of France in the middle of the Limousin, the Auvergne and the Burgundy, near the Auvergne Volcanoes, and the forest Tronais, Thermal and SPA cities. You will appreciate the visit of the medieval city of Montlucon and to discover one of the best cheese areas in France.

Kyriad Hotel Montlucon
Hotel fully renovated with 50 comfortable rooms, 500 meters from the medieval town.

Bomotel Hotel Montlucon
5 minutes away from the city center, the Exhibition park and the Assembly centre, the hotel is situated on the hills of Chatelard, a redisential area which assures you quiet nights. The bedrooms are spacious, luminous and comfortables with a view on the wonderful country landscapes.